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Healthcare...why it matters

I was 42 and found myself at a cross roads.  For some crazy, wonderful reason, God was calling me to ministry.  But the implications of it all were a bit overwhelming.  I was the breadwinner of our family of 6.  We had just purchased a home a year earlier, but now would have to move into a church owned parsonage and I was about to begin seminary!

While we had a home and utilities covered by the congregation I was appointed to serve, my salary was 1/5 what it had been the year before, and my 4 children needed health care.  Never in my life had I thought I would need to go on Medicaid, but it was the safety net we needed for the 4 years I was in seminary responding to God's call to serve the Church as a United Methodist pastor.

As the debate heats up in Washington over healthcare, I implore you to remember the hard working families who are the most vulnerable.  So many families are one ER visit or trauma incident away from financial ruin.  Thats not poor planning, thats just their …

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