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2-4-6-8....How do we communicate?

In my past life, I worked in Broadcast Marketing and Promotions.  I cut my teeth at a local radio station before I even went to college.  I worked for two more radio stations in college and then for a local Fox affiliate/tv station in Atlanta, GA before I got the call to go up to the big show, TBS and later TNT.
 Everything I learned about story telling and multi-level marketing I learned from groundbreaking communicators - some of the best in the business, my colleagues are now running Television and Network Marketing and Promotions departments from coast to coast.  It was fun, we were cutting edge, and we got to spend a lot of Ted Turner's money.

Today even these media outlets have had to change their methods of communicating to their audience.  No longer do people make appointments to watch a particular show (remember how NBC comedies dominated Thursday nights?), no longer do people tune in at an appointed hour to get their news and information from trusted sources.  The inter…

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